Month: February 2021

BY: Mike Burns

I always enjoyed my solo canoe trips, but at “down” times, I get a bit lonesome. I would see other soloists with dogs and would get a bit envious. I see some dogs in the bow sitting proudly. I see dogs swimming at the campsites, and I would see dogs on the portages carrying packs. “I want that!” My older dogs at the time were never trained to go in a canoe. When they passed on, it was time for a new best friend. I put my wife on a mission to get our 2nd new dog. She picked out a female 6 months previously and our 2nd next dog, I told her, was going to be a tripping buddy. She came across a rescue organization that had a 3 month female Golden Retriever/Shepard mixed. She was last to be picked with no markings. Pure black. We picked her up with a full family introduction with her “sister” Jill.

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