Month: June 2017

Having travelled across Canada more than a couple times and having lived in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Northern Ontario, Central Ontario and Southern Ontario, I love being able to show people some of the places I have been and some of the sights I have seen. It is great seeing the looks on their faces and hearing the “oohhs and aahhhs” when they see something new. It is even better when your teenage kids look at something you show them and utter the words “Wow! That is cool!”

I love to drive. I love to get behind the wheel of the truck, hit the open highway with the map in hand and just drive. Apparently I get that from my grandfather. Hitting the road at 3 or 4 in the morning so we are well on our way and out of the city by the time the sun comes up, apparently a Rowley family trait.

One day when the kids were young, I told my wife that if her parents could watch the dog for the weekend, we would pack up the kids and hit the road for a spontaneous road trip. Getting home later that evening, I opened the door and found suitcases ready for a 3-day excursion. After a few hours sleep, the truck was loaded with gear and kids and we were heading north.

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