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Episode 160: Quiet Water Symposium (Part 1); Jerry Vandiver with Lacie Carpenter; Chicago Adventure Therapy (CAT)

March 07, 2019

Episode 160 ~ March 7, 2019

Podcast Info / Topics

  • We set up a booth at the Quiet Water Symposium in Lansing, Michigan this year. Usually we come down, check out the symposium then come back and talk about it, but this year we decided to have guests sit down and chat with us. A new type of recording for us, with a couple hiccups sound wise, but was an hectic enjoyable day. This Episode is Part 1 of our interviews.
  • Jerry Vandiver, accompanied by Lacie Carpenter, sat down to chat and perform a few songs. We have been using Jerrys music for three years now, so it was great to be able to sit down with Jerry face to face.
  • Andrea Knepper and Breanna Haynes joined us to talk about Chicago Adventure Therapy (CAT). Talking about youth leadership through paddling and giving under-served kids an advantage. An awesome story and a total feel good chat for us.
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