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Episode 224: Yukon Journey update; Local travel and canoe tripping plans; Hybrid PFD instruction manual; Pandemic fitness resources

May 21, 2020

Episode 224 ~ May 21, 2020

Podcast Info / Topics

  • John Van Barriger gives an update on what is happening with the Yukon Journey that is happening in June
  • Some local parks and hiking areas have been reopened in Ontario and things have been open in Wisconsin for a couple weeks now. We discuss what we have seen so far, and what our tripping plans are going to be for the summer based on things being open again
  • There is a hybrid PFD on the market that uses regular flotation method along with a CO2 method for extra flotation. There are items in the instruction manual for this PFD that are helpful and confusing
  • It is important to keep fit while waiting for the world to reopen so we can all get out on the water. Derek has a list of a few online resources for exercises and yoga
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