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Episode 259: Virtual spring events; Opeongo Aerial A-1 tent/hammock; New Hobie inflatables; 3 brothers cross the Bass Strait

January 28, 2021

Episode 259 ~ January 28, 2021

Podcast Info / Topics

  • There a few springtime events we like to attend but this year they are being held virtually. Quiet Adventure Symposium, Canoecopia, and the Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show just to name a few
  • A new spin on the hanging tent. The Opeongo Aerial A-1 is it a tent or a hammock
  • Hobie has launched 4 new inflatable kayaks and an a pedalboard.  The iTrek series and iEclipse are sure to appeal to a lot of people
  • Since Covid dashed their overseas paddling plans, three brothers decided to kayak across the Bass Strait from Australia to Tasmania
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