Our New YouTube Channel

So if you listen to our show you will know that Derek subscribes to and receives the “Live The Adventure Club Quarterly Gear Box” through Explore Magazine. Well, the Spring Box showed up on his door step and he wanted to shoot a video of him opening it to see what was inside. This means we need to start a YouTube page so we have somewhere to post the video.

Guess what? That is exactly what we did!!

Derek brought the Box to the studio and sat down so he could open it up and see what surprises were waiting inside.  I manned the camera and sound gear while he had all the fun of ripping through the box.  Then I put the video together, set up a YouTube account for Paddling Adventures Radio and uploaded the video.

When Derek started pulling out the items in the box, he was like a little kid on Christmas morning.  The very first item left him a bit perplexed as to what it was, but once he figured it out, you can tell he wanted to try it out.  So, with a bit of encouragement from me, he gave it a whirl.  First item is something he is going to try out in the field, I guarantee it.

If you want to see everything that Derek found in the “Live The Adventure Club Quarterly Gear Box” just click this link:




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