Everyone has certain foods they enjoy on a canoe trip or just out for the day paddling. Two items I bring that everyone seems to enjoy are bannock and jerky. These are two things that can be very simple or you can get all fancy with the ingredients. When I bring out the big bag of beef jerky, it disappears very quickly. When I make bannock to go with dinner, there tend to be a lot of mmmmmmm’s.

In Episode 130 of our podcast, we talked about my recipes for bannock and jerky. For your viewing and tasting pleasure, here are those recipes. If you try them out, let us know what you think.

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Having travelled across Canada more than a couple times and having lived in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Northern Ontario, Central Ontario and Southern Ontario, I love being able to show people some of the places I have been and some of the sights I have seen. It is great seeing the looks on their faces and hearing the “oohhs and aahhhs” when they see something new. It is even better when your teenage kids look at something you show them and utter the words “Wow! That is cool!”

I love to drive. I love to get behind the wheel of the truck, hit the open highway with the map in hand and just drive. Apparently I get that from my grandfather. Hitting the road at 3 or 4 in the morning so we are well on our way and out of the city by the time the sun comes up, apparently a Rowley family trait.

One day when the kids were young, I told my wife that if her parents could watch the dog for the weekend, we would pack up the kids and hit the road for a spontaneous road trip. Getting home later that evening, I opened the door and found suitcases ready for a 3-day excursion. After a few hours sleep, the truck was loaded with gear and kids and we were heading north.

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So if you listen to our show you will know that Derek subscribes to and receives the “Live The Adventure Club Quarterly Gear Box” through Explore Magazine. Well, the Spring Box showed up on his door step and he wanted to shoot a video of him opening it to see what was inside. This means we need to start a YouTube page so we have somewhere to post the video.

Guess what? That is exactly what we did!!

Derek brought the Box to the studio and sat down so he could open it up and see what surprises were waiting inside.  I manned the camera and sound gear while he had all the fun of ripping through the box.  Then I put the video together, set up a YouTube account for Paddling Adventures Radio and uploaded the video.

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Well, it certainly has been a busy start to the year so far.  With the Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show, The Quiet Water Symposium (Michigan), and the Ottawa Outdoor & Adventure Travel Show already under our belts, it was time to head to Kitchener-Waterloo for the KW Canoe Symposium.

I have been to five of the six Symposiums and even had the opportunity to give a presentation on Woodland Caribou Provincial Park one year.  This year I was back as a sponsor with Paddling Adventures Radio. Attendee, Presenter, Sponsor. I must like the event. 🙂

Organized by David Bain, the KW Canoe Symposium is a one day event that showcases people that incorporate canoeing into their lives in some fashion. Whether it is as a canoe tripper such as myself or a musician that writes songs of the canoe and paddling, the presenters David lines up each year is sure to please the audience. This year was no exception.

The line up for the 2017 KW Canoe Symposium: Continue reading

Yup, Spring is here. Rain, snow, sun, warm and cold all in one week. Good Times!!!

The Reel Paddling Film festival was awesome!!!  A lot of great people showed up to watch the films and get in the mood for the upcoming paddling season. Thanks to everyone who came out to support the event. Definitely be holding this event again next year.

KW Canoe Symposium is coming up a just over a week.  We will be there so if you see us, stop us and say HI!!  We love to meet fellow paddlers.

See you all out on the water very soon.

Sean & Derek

WOOHOO!!!  It is mid-March and Spring is on it’s way!!!!

Lots of shows to see. Lots of new gear and toys to buy. Too many things to do!!!!

Reel Paddling Film festival at the Tap & Tankard in Whitby on Tuesday March 21 (yeah, that is this coming Tuesday).

Kitchener-Waterloo Canoe Symposium at the Princess Twin Cinemas in Waterloo on April 8.  We are going to be there so come out and meet us, talk to us about the show and if you have any ideas let us know.

All going well the first trip of the season is a scant 48 days away.  WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!! Goodbye Winter!!!



Click this link on Wednesday @ 6am / 12 noon / 6pm to listen to this week’s show:

This week we talk about long lasting outdoor brands. There are outdoor companies out there that have been around for over 100 years.  Next, we let you know what is happening at Paddling Adventures Radio.  Finally, we chat a bit about what to think about if you want to go tripping on a stand up paddle board. Yes, a canoe is not necessarily needed!

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